For $300, I will create an all original jingle for you! Jingles are great for tech, retail and small business for commercials for use in video spots, recorded webinars, radio advertisement, podcast introductions and youtube ad roll advertisements. Jingle is offered in Hum & Whistle, Vocal and Harmonic Vocal styles with upbeat tempos handcrafted to your needs.  

I am the only Denver based composer who offers unlimited revisions. We work on your song until it's perfect!


Copyright ownership of the song stays with me unless you order a Copyright package. PURCHASE AND ASSIGN COPYRIGHT - Want to own the rights to your song? For an additional $1000, I will send you a document assigning you the rights to the song, including resale rights. If your commercial, instrumental or jingle is syndicated or broadcast on television or radio, then I will collect all royalties related to the work created. Buying the rights now gives you full control of what you want to do with your song for future use and you will collect royalties.

  • You must provide key value proposition points, key words and subject material.

  • Jingle will be delivered in high quality 192 kbps mp3 format unless special request is made ahead of time. Other options are 44 khz 16 bit .wav and .aiff. I can deliver stems and tracks broken out. 

Please Note: You are purchasing the license to use this song in your commercial video and radio productions. I often charge $1,000 minimum for jingles in the open market, this is your chance to get high quality work at a fraction of the price by way of licensing.