We need to put out an APB on Trails, Kool G Rap & Dray Senior.

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You better keep one eye and ear open for Ink Spatter. We have ourselves a gritty concept here, musically, you have this dream sequence feel. You automatically get the sense you are in the middle of a late 70's crime drama unfolding in front of you. Someone has committed a crime, a murder and it's so heinous and such a bloody scene that you can't fathom what comes next. Yes, murder, the song cleverly ties the sequence of a murder scene with Trails (Syn, The Shaman and The Lin)a narrative of MCs using their rhyme skills and lyrical context to describe how they are killing it. Killing the rap game, killing MCs, killing it in general, they are murdering it on the mic. 

I'm a musician/songwriter/vocalist myself, so naturally when I heard "I rock that customized SM58, ready to squeeze on a sucka I just can't wait", I was drawn in to the entire song. Trails transported me back in time and I flash backed to being on stage with that antsy anxious feeling. 

I don't want to make this review about me but naturally I felt connected. It's hard to explain if you don't perform for a living, but every time I got on a stage, the competitor in me triggered. It was always a desire to out perform every other band Kool G Rapperforming. I could never compare myself to an MC because that takes a whole different level of skills but I understand the feeling that went into those words. That emotion was very real and if you've ever had to perform, speak in front of an audience you can relate to the tone. Trails is made up of two wizards, Syn, The Shaman as the formidable MC and mega producer, DJ The Lin

Those words summed it all up and the rest of the song featuring Queens veteran Kool G Rap and Dray Sr of Westbrook, Maine is a pleaser. I was born in Queens so it was nice hearing ole Kool G Rap on a track like this. He has influenced so many rap pioneers and he's such a great influence on young rappers. Folks, he has still got it too! Dray Senior has a killer pitch and raps like he's giving a school lesson to youngsters. I could listen to this dude rap all day. Truth is, I can't get the end of the hook out of my head... "I committed a murda!" 

No MCs were harmed in the recording of this production, well maybe some feelings were hurt. The production of this track is supreme. You'll get doses of a sample track with an orchestral piece on the hook, a very subtle piano but it all swells back into a beat and a dreamy keyboard sequence on the verses. 
The production is very well done and kickass in the headphones.

I want to close on a very key point in this review as I've now done a few of these for an album I've grown very fond of. This track is the culmination of some excellent production, deep thinking and strong leadership. If you want to hear a thought provoking music compilation then you need to go download "Self Preservation" today! Hats off to Real Hood Music for putting together such a powerful album. There are so many great tracks on this compilation and it made it so hard to just review a few songs. Now that the album is out I can't wait to share this with friends and family. Rap is back, hell, maybe it never left, folks just didn't look in the right places to find it.

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