“Quite A Man” is the Essential Guide to Hip-Hop That Every Man Should Hear in Their Lifetime

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How do I describe this new single? I’m just going to say it, I was quickly drawn into this for it’s “Pharcyde” qualities that are apparent, but it was done very tastefully. I don’t want to cheapen the value of that comparison or the work of the production team because I’m super impressed by it. What I found that was more surprising was the talent level on the entire track. There are some really, really, really talented MCs on this track with some profound thinking and history behind their words. I can’t help but feel nostalgic when I hear this track, and it’s a good thing because I’m always looking for the next De La Soul meets Pharcyde style collaboration.

"Quite A Man" is a well thought out production and storyline. It features seasoned MC's such as Ill by Instinct, Mad Dukes, MC 22 and Eyenine. It is methodically and eloquently produced by Fresh Killz & El Shupacabra. 

As a father and a musician myself, the first verse hits me exceptionally hard. The lyrics will naturally resonate with any human being with a heartbeat but ultimately as a parent trying to make a living in the music industry I can quickly relate. Make no mistake, the words being spoken in all of these verses need to be heard. In today’s society, we need more of this "from the heart" pulse circulating and influencing young men to make the right decisions in their life. It's not gender specific either, any woman who has gone through some of life's hardships can relate quickly.

I simply love this track because these are grown ass men speaking from the heart about real challenges that many young men will face in due time. There is also a lot of reflection about growing up and being raised under difficult circumstances. You quickly feel that the writers are appreciative of their life, and not salty or bitter about their surroundings.

I get the immediate sense that this song is almost a guide of what to do vs what not to do if you want to persevere in life. I love honesty, because it exposes these artists in a way that enables you to connect with them on a different level. It’s not a weakness or vulnerability, it’s true transparency into the mind of a poetic thinker. Honestly, this is a good contrast to what we are hearing on mainstream radio and it’s refreshingly satisfying.

Did I mention the hook is hot, hot fire? I’m not sure which one of these fellas is singing but you can feel the soul and emphasis in the hook. It’s catchy, hooky and reminscent. It’s modeled after the “Whatta Man” hook by Salt n Pepa, but it’s done with a masculine, soulful tone. I love the low-end Rhodes piano or electric piano, the percussion matches the vibe and the beat is just perfection. Fresh Killz and El Shupacabra just made a new fan out of me.

This single is available on a new compilation called "Self Preservation" by Real Hood Music. This compilation is one of the most refreshing albums I’ve heard in 2017. You’re going to get a balance of high-quality studio production and amazing lyricism matched with highly skilled ninja MCs. This is what I call headphone music, you pop it in and get on the light rail to work, or you hit the gym and let it take over your soul. This is definitely a "from start to finish” type of compilation that I guarantee you will not want to turn off.  

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