"Please Read", No Seriously, Listen to Skip Prolific's New Single

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I don't know exactly what it is about Colorado based Skip Prolific and his trio but they make me want to read on and listen to his thoughts. In this new single cleverly titledPlease Read Lyrics Skip Prolific "Please Read", you will hear what appears to be a very heartfelt letter loaded with poetic nuances. As a lyricist myself, I find a lot of solemn comfort in these words. It's not clear whether he is writing to a lover or about a topic and I find that immensely intriguing. You have a great steady beat, clean acoustic guitar driving the tempo with a soulful grit. It's like I'm in that moment feeling those lyrics but also on a train to anywhere but here. 

It's refreshing to find a songwriting group that puts a lot of thought and compassion into their music. There is a genuine quality about them and I quickly feel connected with really good songwriting.

So what makes this Colorado based artist so unique? They are taking a very classic sound and a very modern sound and combining them with hints of Outlaw and Folk music. Dare I say Americana? I wouldn't quite call it country, but it hints at it. If you're taking a long road trip, this is the kind of music that helps you contemplate and focus. There are sprinkles of Pure Prairie League and Marshall Tucker Band but at the same time there is just something they have of their own that is hard to pinpoint with band comparisons and genres. 

"Skip Prolific Band PhotoSkip Prolific" rose from the ashes of their former band "Lincoln St Revival" in 2016. Founded by  rhythm guitar player, Michael Ryan, and lead singer / lyricist, Skip Prolific, they found an opportunity to create the music they had first met. They reconnected with drummer Dustin Cash. There mission statement is clear and evident. "To create music and lyrics that one not only hears, but feels." Alas, If you're feeling it, you should definitely hear it folks.

Skip Prolific has a great library of YouTube videos and a ton of songs for sale at www.SkipProlific.com


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