Du Rite's "Di Stoppah" Delivers a Blue Collar, Hip Hop Element to a Rootsy Reggae Sound.

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"Di Stoppah"
is the latest rootsy reggae hiphop single by Du-Rite based out of Du Rite LiveNorthern California. This single delivers a great blend of a Cali Hip Hop and Rootsy Reggae sound. The rap vocals are layered with stylistic nuances that reminiscent of artists like Atmosphere. This single finds a great balance between production and lyricist. There are great change ups and while the music has this sense of repetitiveness, the vocal dynamics carry the rhythm of the track. It feels good naturally and lyrically this tale of self medication and rising up is pretty darn clever. Give it a couple of spins and you'll soon find your self trying to mimic the hook.

In Northern California's South Bay Area, you have a cesspool of unique talents and hybrid performance artists. California has always had it's own variant spin on reggae music since the mid 90s when Sublime emerged. In that era you had artists that were dabbling and experimenting.

Du Rite "Burn Mi Chalice"Today, the style and sound is a little more established now and there are festivals every season representing this rising genre. Unfortunately not all artists are created equal, and often this genre's message is littered with songs about the good life, the beach, pot culture and a whole lot of the same.

For an artist to rise from the South Bay Area, you have to deal with the onslaught and reality that live music has very little support in San Jose. There is a certain grit to Bay Area artists, and that often comes with the identity of Northern California. Call it a chip on the shoulder if you must but Nor Cal represents a different culture. So many artists have to take their voice and their sound to different cities and audiences that still appreciate live music such as Santa Cruz, San Francisco, and Sacramento. The stench of greed and a dance nightclub scene killed what was once a flourishing music city at the height of it's maturation. The struggle in the South Bay is very real as there is a massive shortage on quality venues for performers to get their music heard. 

In 2017, Du-Rite takes a fresh spin on the California Reggae genre and party life and sprinkles in a refreshing political stance on Liberty.  He is an outspoken solo artist with quick wit, sarcasm, and a mega loyal fanbase. It's what makes Du Rite one of the more dangerous up and comers in the scene. Du Rite's message is not for the sensitive type who can't handle truths.  His words are familiarly built on Libertarian principles with fantastically thought out inappropriateness and foul mouthed honesty. He takes humor and candor into his message and pulls no punches. It's not a comedy show by any means, but he'll get you thinking, laughing and maybe drinking too. It's refreshing to hear a Reggae MC of this nature come from a place that needs for positivity and honesty in the form of a reality check.

Check out Du-Rite's most recent free album at www.duritemusic.com

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