Matt Rouch unloads truthful relationship woes with "Adelaide"

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Matt Rouch Live"Adelaide, I know, you don't want me.., Adelaide, I know, nobody."
I'll be damned if those lyrics don't strike a tone with any human being on the planet. If it doesn't, you're lacking a soul.

If you have ever fallen for someone you will instantly feel the tone and message of this song. You might even yearn for a love that no longer exists, you'll wish you said the right things, you'll wonder if that meaningful relationship you had could have been more and you'll wonder what that lover is doing today. You might just come to the realization that it was never meant to be. This song drums up so much for me and I think it will for anyone who's wondered what a meaningful relationship is.

Matt Rouch and the Noise Upstairs took a gloomy and powerful, yet mesmerizing love tone in this folk meets alternative country tune. If you like taking road trips, this is what I call "thinking" music. You are guaranteed to contemplate life's tribulations and hum along.

They put a lot of heart and soul into this song and it's hands down one of the most honest and purest tunes I've heard in years. What you get with Matt Rouch is something that is a balance between tangible and artistic. You have these beautifully arranged plucky guitar tones matched with a steady yet choppy beat and pocket driven bass line that moves you along the song's journey.

There are really well thought out transitions in the song, I really love the bridge of this song. I like how quick the song gets to the point from the verse to the chorus. It's very hooky, very melodic but not in a bubble gum pop hook style. The words just resonate on a level you can relate to if you've ever been in a relationship. It's not easy to put a sticker label on Matt Rouch and the Noise Upstairs. Are they country music? Are they folk? You will get hints of Americana and Bluegrass and you get a sense they're purposely toying with your ears. I feel like Alt-Country is too broad a label but it does work. Truth be known, there is no need to label this artist, it's just great music you can feel and they march to their own beat. They have a ton of great tunes on their website and you can catch them live playing all over Colorado in 2017. 

Matt Rouch LiveBased out of Denver, CO, Matt Rouch & The Noise Upstairs are making waves in the Colorado music scene. Rouch, a self-proclaimed southpaw whiskey-loving Virginian, self-released his first full-length solo album, "The Beautiful and the Damned" in March 2016 and now his 4-piece alt-country folk group is one of Denver's fastest up and coming bands, with mentions in Music Connection Magazine, Denver Post, Marquee Magazine, Scene Magazine, and Axs. 

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